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Tuesday 6th May 2014 - How to Photograph your Baby


Our guest post this week is by Laura Smith, Laura is a hugely talented photographer based in London who we have had the pleasure of working with recently. She specialised in baby,child and family photography and her photos are just beautiful. Here she gives us some great tips to consider when photographing your family:

"As a baby and child photographer I have the luxury and privilege of entering an intimate family environment on a regular basis. I get to see little people in a natural setting and to capture precious moments without having to worry about when the next nap time is and what's on todays lunch menu! As a parent you aren't afforded this luxury.Here are a few small tips from me to help you capture the best photographs possible whilst undertaking the most difficult job in the world - being a Mummy or Daddy!




Always aim to use natural light – lamps and wall lights will all give an unnatural look to your images. They omit a yellow light which creates an unflattering skin tone, especially bad for children! Flash, when used correctly is fantastic but often the flash on your camera will create harsh shadows. Whenever possible pop your little one near to a window start snapping!

Experiment with outfits - cute hats, big bow headbands, clothing with texture shuch as wool,lace and ruffles will all complement the look and feel of soft and sweet baby photography

Think about your background. In my experience the most striking shots are framed by a beautiful background. Think simple shapes and colours with as little contrast as possible. Busy backgrounds can detract the eye from the subject.

Try to give your toddler something to do other than sit and look in your camera. Children are supposed to be active - your images will be extra special if you capture your little one having fun!

Take as many photographs as you can! On a 2 hour shoot I can take up to 500 images and from these I usually achieve less than 10% that are spot on. Children have a habit of closing their eyes or turning their head at just the wrong moment! By clicking away you are sure to get that perfect shot - you can always delete the rest!

An ever present feeling for me whilst photographing children is the speed at which they change. We can't slow down the hands of time but we can preserve how we feel at that time. My advice to any parent would be to take your camera everywhere and capture as many moments as you can.

And finally – display your work! So often our images get lost online or in the hard drive. Invest in a photobook and give your guests something beautiful and personal to peruse whilst having enjoying a coffee..."


You can find Laura on Facebook at or why not check out her beautiful work on her website

Tuesday 21st January 2014 - Flat cap fashion

Ever since starting Hats my Baby back in 2009 I've received loads of phone calls and emails asking whether we sell flat caps for babies and young children. Sadly, I've always had to say no...until now!

We are now proud stockists of flat caps from Finn's Flat Caps. The business was set up by Finn's Mum who just like me couldn't find the baby hats she wanted on the High Street. Great minds think alike eh?

At the moment we're stocking two classic designs, the Farmer Brown and the Herringbone with sizes ranging up to 4 years.

If the pictures of Christine Aguilera's son Max are anything to go by flat caps look set to be one of this years fashion statements. WE HEART FLAT CAPS!!!!

Click to see our new range of baby flat caps


Monday 1st July 2013 - Great British Summer?

This week we're delighted to welcome Fiona Longmuir, marketing manager at who has written a guest post for our blog.


Ah, the Great British Summer. One day the sun is splitting the skies, the next, you’d swear you were never going to see blue sky again. The colourful prints of my summer dresses languish in the wardrobe while I despairingly fetch my winter coat from the attic again.


Fortunately, the team at Hats My Baby have the solution! Their cosy baby hats will keep your little ones snug, their sunny patterns will defy any raincloud and their summery colours are sure to brighten up the dullest of days. Here are my favourite designs for getting into the summer mood until the weather cooperates:


Flower pattern baby hat White baby hat with yellow flower motif strawberry knitted baby hat



By Fiona Longmuir, marketing manager at Sign up today to start discovering, sharing and saving the best kids’ products from around the internet.




Monday 24th June 2013 - Gotta love those Huggalugs

We are sooo in love with these gorgeous baby leg (or arm) warmers from Huggalugs. Designed by Elizar Mytka we just love their simplicity and versatility. They are not only comfortable and warm but they are also made from environmentally sustainable materials where at all possible so they fit in so well with our eco friendly ethos here at Hats my Baby.

Huggalugs baby leg warmersBaby leg warmers from HuggalugsBaby leg warmers from Huggalugs

I just wish I'd known about them when my girls were babies as the uses are just endless. Here's just a few:

1)  save those soft little knees in the early crawling days,

2) perfect for dancing class,

3) wear them on arms and legs as an extra layer of warmth,

4) wear them over tights to be even more snuggly or instead of tights if you wish

5) they're even a fab alternative to trousers making those nappy changing sessions that little bit quicker and easier.

Suitable for girls and boys and fit sizes 3 months to 5 years love love LOVE! Pop over to our gorgeous selection and see for yourself

Monday 20th May 2013 - Seeing Spots

So, the dreaded chicken pox has been an unwelcome guest in our house for over a week now and our eldest little girl is covered. Each day has been a blur of calamine lotion, spots, spots and more spots. So, continuing on that theme here is a fab selection of our spottiest spotty baby hats.

pink and white spotted baby hat ladybird knitted baby hat Pink and white spot knitted baby hat
Coral and white spot baby hat Blue and white spotted baby hat Toadstool knitted baby hat


Monday 25th February 2013 - Hop little bunnies hop hop hop......

Ooooh it's just over 4 weeks now until the Easter bunny comes. I was going to give up chocolate for Lent this year, but depriving myself for 40 days last year just ended in a massive binge over the Easter period so little and often is my motto this year (!)

Over at Hats my Baby HQ, (after a snow flurry this weekend) the lighter mornings and pretty snowdrops are starting to convince us that Spring may finally be on the way!

We've been rifling through our stock to come up with some gorgeous Spring/Easter themed baby hats and gift sets for you. Aren't they lovely?


            Baby hat with bunny ears  pink striped baby hat with flower motifbaby bib with cow motif

                     All by Olive&Moss. Click the images for further information.

Tuesday 24th April 2012 - A guide to baby sun hats!

Apparently summer's coming! Not sure who started that rumour but I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt.

As a Mum to two beautiful girls I love the summer and those lazy days spent outdoors, but, I also need peace of mind that they're well protected from the sun, top to toe.

Top for me is definitely the most important and that's why I decided to put together a list of my top 5 considerations when buying sun hats for babies and children.

1) Top of the list has to be adequate coverage. Look for hats with a wide brim or alternatively Legionnaire style baby hats with a peak at the front and flap at the back to ensure the whole of baby's head and neck is covered.

2) Is it sun safe? I love summer clothing with a UPF sun protection factor. This means the material is woven in such a way that it restricts the amount of harmful UV rays which make it through the clothing. Not an essential for short periods of time in the sun but for longer periods of exposure this for me is a must.

3) Comfort - I've tried and tested baby hats galore on my two girls and experience has taught me that the best hats are the ones that are so comfortable that they forget they're wearing them. Sounds impossible but they do exist and Flap Happy sun hats for babies and children are proof of that. Both my girls have not only worn them but also kept them on. I kid thee not and this leads me nicely on to my next tip!

4) If you can't find hats which your baby or child is comfortable wearing then look for hats with ties or an elasticated snug fit. Believe me it will make the battle of the hat a lot easier!

5) If you've ticked all of the above boxes when buying baby/child sun hats then you're on a roll. A final important aspect for me is colour. Before buying baby sun hats I tend to look at my daughters' summer wardrobes  and go for hats which coordinate with the majority of their wardrobe. Better still there are some great reversible options out there!

So, you've got the list, all we need now is the summer...........

To see our gorgeous range of baby sun hats, click here

Sunday 1st April 2012 - Hats my Baby the Relaunch!

We did it! On 1st March 2012 we relaunched  Hats my Baby with a brand new website!

A month has now passed and we're over the moon with how things have gone so its time to say a huge thank you to our customers both new and old for all of your support. You really have been amazing!

We always had a vision for our business but we just didn't quite believe it was achievable, now with the support of our customers, family and friends, and a lot of hard work we're proving it is.

After a whirlwind month, with record sales I thought today was a great time to sit back and think about just how far we have come. Although I might use today for some navel gazing, tomorrow it will be back to work for me as there's still so much to do!

Still in the pipeline (and none of these are April Fools I promise) are, some fab new suppliers, a monthly showcase of gorgeous handmade baby hats and accessories from some talented ladies, as well as regular blog updates and a monthly newsletter.

Ta Ta for now and Happy Easter!


Tuesday 28th June 2011 - An award!

Bronze website award

We are proud to announce that Mumpreneur UK have awarded our website with a Bronze award. Mumpreneur UK started the awards in order to acknowledge the high standard of websites amongst some of the Mumprenuers out there and we are over the moon that Hats my Baby has been selected as one such website.

All websites are judged on a number of criteria which include whether the website is visually pleasing, easy to navigate and clear and easy to understand. The website must also contain enough information about the products on offer and Hats my Baby ticked every box!

I would normally celebrate with a very large glass of wine but with Baby No 2's due date less than a week away I'll stick to the water. So cheers!

PS Despite winning this award, we're not one for resting on our laurels so if you have any suggestions or any improvements you would like to see on the website. Please please get in touch !

For more information about the Mumpreneur UK network please visit


Saturday 30th April 2011 - A mention from Theo Paphitis!

Sunday 17th April 2011 was an amazing day for Hats my Baby and one of which we're really proud as we were one of 6 lucky winners in a competition which Theo Paphitis (of Dragons Den fame) runs every week called "Small Business Sunday".

Small Business Sunday runs on Twitter and every Sunday thousands of businesses "tweet" Theo and tell him all about their business in less than 140 words. He then chooses his 6 favourites and "retweets" them to all of his followers, at the minute that stands at approximately 12.5 thousand. His reasoning for doing this on a Sunday is that this was the day he used to do all the "thinking" for his businesses. The idea is a great one and for small businesses like ours the exposure is just fantastic.

We've been entering Hats my Baby into Small Business Sunday for a few weeks now so you can imagine just how excited we were to find ourselves one of the chosen few a couple of weeks ago. The exposure this gave our business has been just phenomenal and for that we would like to say a huge thank you to Theo! Not only did you make our night Mr Paphitis, you made our whole year.

Monday 10th January 2010 - Three cheers for baby hats

....and five good reasons why babies should wear them

1) Babies spend a long time snuggled up in the womb to be then pushed out into the cold. Baby hats help to protect them from this change in environment, helping to keep them warm and snug.

2) When babies are newborn their heads are about one quarter of the total body surface area and they lose a lot of heat this way. This is more so for premature babies as their heads are larger in comparison to the rest of their little bodies. Baby hats help babies to maintain warmth in their bodies

3) Babies can't regulate their body temperature very well until they're at least 6 months old.

4) Baby hats also help to protect babies from sunburn. Babies are particularly susceptible to sunburn as generally they don't have much hair.

Please note, baby hats should always be removed once inside or in a warm area to prevent overheating (unless you have been advised otherwise by your healthcare professionals).



Sunday 17th October 2010 - Baby Bump to Baby Biz!

The business was launched in January 2010 and the inspiration came whilst on maternity leave after the birth of our first, beautiful child Lily who was born in April 2009. In the summer of last year we found ourselves with a number of invitations to summer weddings. Finding gorgeous dresses and outfits for Lily wasn't a problem, but when it came to buying baby hats we were really surprised by the lack of variety on the high street.

Prior to launching the website, I fully researched the market and realised just how competitive a field I was entering. Concentrating on baby hats and accessories alone however means I can dedicate my time to sourcing more and more baby hats which aren't available on the high street. This sets Hats my Baby apart from our competitors.

I have launched the business on a shoe string which has been a challenge in itself and I have been on a very steep learning curve when it comes to such things as website rankings and marketing the business. However, with a lot of hard work and determination I'm over the moon with how things are going . When things seem hard, my beautiful daughter, wonderful husband and the passion I have for my business gives me the motivation and drive I need to keep going. With this in mind, my advice to anyone who wants to start up their own business would be to believe in your inspiration and yourself and to go for it.

My early vision for the business was to provide customers with a fantastic range of baby hats in all shapes, styles and colours and for all occasions and seasons and I'm continuing to work towards that. At the moment I'm working hard to find new suppliers and I've got a few in the pipeline which I'm very excited about. I'm looking forward to offering a gift wrapping service in the near future and also to watching my idea continue to grow into a successful business.

The website is fresh and simple and I aim to offer customers a lovely shopping experience. A lot of heart and soul has gone into building my website to give it that personal touch and I hope the website shows how motherhood has inspired me.


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